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It feels like everyone is trying to get at you all at once.

You feel like you’re being pulled in a million ways trying to provide quality products and services, hiring good people, while simultaneously chasing after new clients and customers.

You see, every consultancy has the same problem…

They need more work, higher-return clients, and cash to cover their expenses…and to have a roof over their heads.

Many rely on referrals, networking or repeat customers.

These strategies are great, but there’s only one problem: you don’t control them.

It’s even more difficult when you’re responsible for finding these new clients and customers all on your own.

With only 24 hours in a day, are you really able to focus the necessary attention to generating new business for your company?


We end the “up-and-down client roller-coaster” and that “treading water” feeling.

We build repeatable and reliable systems to help businesses get in touch with their ideal targets, without you having to hustle to track down new prospects while running your business.

We find the targets for you, and all you need to do is move them through your sales process.

“$600,000 Worth of Proposals…as a Result of ONE Email…”

Bryan Richard

CEO, Furnace AI – Machine Learning Software Development Consultancy

My experience with CCS was outstanding: CCS was very fast, very detail-oriented, and immediately grasped what we were trying to do. They took a lot of work off of my plate and even answered questions before I asked them. They really demonstrated knowledge of what we needed.

What separates CCS from everyone else is their ability to tap into deep industry expertise without a great deal of on-boarding, time, and effort. We wrote $600,000 worth of proposals in January, largely as a result of ONE email going out and have established relationships that have put us in a strong position for success in 2017.

I’ve got no hesitations in recommending CCS.

How We Find You Your Dream Clients

  • Discovery

    We learn about your business and your target clients.

  • Research

    We identify and research your ideal clients, partners and decision makers.

  • Strategy

    We create an outreach campaign focused on winning your clients.

  • Refinement & Approval

    We make any changes you want to the campaign and client targeting.

  • Implementation

    We set up your accounts, leads list, and execute the campaign for you.

  • Clients

    You get interested leads in your inbox…and all you need to do is start closing the deals.

Our Other Services

Email Marketing

We offer general email marketing services from product launch campaigns, newsletters, autoresponders, and more.

Cold Emails

Need to contact cold leads but already have a list? Not sure what to write and worried about SPAM laws? We’ll take everything off your hands and send your deliverables through the roof.


We’ll help you strategize entire funnels, from the lead magnet & opt-in, core offer, tripwire, and upsell.


Get the words that sell your business, product, or service: Command attention, get noticed, enjoy the profits.


Feeling lost when it comes to the world of internet marketing? Need some help but don’t want to pay for a full email funnel? Sit down with an expert and ask anything that’s on your mind.

More Testimonials

“As a start-up, we need to manage our resources smartly, and we also need a partner who is willing to understand this. We usually get our clients from referrals and affiliates, and before CCS, we didn’t have have any type of cold outreach going…

We’re grateful that we found CCS because what they do works.

Because CCS didn’t require a huge upfront commitment of a substantial monthly retainer or something like a year’s worth of business, we were able to move forward: Our first trial helped us generate a decent number of customer interactions. They acted fast and learned about our service in no-time and translated this into a great cold e-mail sequence.

CCS was also really open to feedback and willing to brainstorm with us on how to generate even better results.

Their lead generation system’s algorithm is effective in inviting leads to a conversation: With just one client signed as a direct result from their services, we easily paid for CCS’ fees many times over. We have several more clients in the pipeline that could increase our ROI from this even more!

CCS performs a powerful service, they strike a good balance between a personal and professional approach, and are quite flexible.

We’d absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to expand their lead pipeline and client base.”

– Chris Rawlings, JudoLaunch

“Absolute professionals.

…CCS is worth every cent and a real pleasure to work with. Great to find someone to who I can finally really give some responsibility and know that things will be OK.”

– Michiel Cremers, Online Marketing Solutions

“CCS was incredible on this project, taking lots of time and effort up front to understand the company, its products, its target market and its objectives.

They took that knowledge away and returned shortly afterwards with work that was many times better than its predecessor. Not only did they provide great value on the copy itself, but also on the design side of the page.

Would recommend CCS to anyone for a project and will certainly use them again when the time is right.”

– Toby Downton, Home Staging Institute

Work with a Company that Speaks Your Language

Our marketing strategy team holds Master’s degrees in engineering, has worked in the tech industry, and then studied marketing for several years.

They saw the struggles companies went through and set out to create a solution to solve them.

So don’t worry: You won’t just have some random internet marketer, but someone in your corner who knows where you’re coming from.

End The Struggle and Get Constant Clients

We are very careful with who we take on as clients. Your success is our success, so we only work with teams that we feel can benefit heavily from our services.

Please fill out the form below and we can check to see if our teams are a good fit.